About Bhawar Group

Preferred business partner for FMCG, IT, Banks,
Telecom & Retail majors in India.

Bhawar is a company for brands. We earn our consumers’ trust with the promise each of the brands that we sell makes Indian Shopper’s experience more meaningful that live up to those promises. We define our success on our ability to make meaningful shopping for our customers — who is our boss. It is through deep understanding of market that we gain insights into what they need and want. We’ve been successful by associating with right partners who make world class brands and in turn we ensure we apply best Sales and Business fundamentals to maintain a healthy relationship with our partners and serve the very best shopping experience for our customers.

We are customer focussed group and this has been the most important business goal for us, to ensure we maintain high standard of customer focus all our people are trained and are made capable of making decisions that are customer focussed. We have diversified business and all our business are primarily focused on consumers.

70+ Single-Brand Stores Pan India
World's leading brands trust us

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We at Bhawar are one of the largest distribution house, DST & logistics provider for fast moving consumer goods in india, with a total turnover of Rs.750 Crs. We have vast knowledge & experience in the field of retailing, CFA & distribution for FMCG , Telecommunication products, dst & dsa for banking services. We are in this field for more than 30 years. The group is headed by Mr. Bhawar Jain.

One of the largest distribution house in india. Rs. 750+ crores turnover group. Awarded the best distributor award for P&G In AAI. BIC supply systems for 35000+customers. Customers ranging form modern hypermarkets,supermarkets, general, provision,chemist, mobile & computer dealers to software giants. Rated top on supply & delivery systems as preferred supplier by a study conducted by P&G. Best distributor for P&G in RPS for 5 straight consecutive years. Fastest growing distributor for P&G.